7 Steps to Create a Killer Video Content Strategy

Monday November 9, 2020

83% of marketers said that video content gives them a good ROI (according to Wyzowl) and, year on year video content is increasing by 100%.

It’s safe to say that now’s the time for your business to create a winning video content strategy!

What is it?

Video content marketing involves everything from planning and producing a video to distributing and promoting it.

So let’s start with the essentials……

1.    Decide and clarify what kind of video that you’re going to make… Is it showcasing your brand? Is it a testimonial? A behind-the-scenes mini documentary? Or maybe a how-to tutorial? Whatever you decide, set out your goals for what you want it to achieve i.e. brand awareness or are you launching something new?

2.    Don’t improvise. Write your script…. Keep it concise, engaging and create a flow with your words – keep it simple and to the point so as not to bore your viewer. Less is best.

3.    Get creative with your content…. You can make your videos interactive and entertaining and show how your video can help your customers/niche. Be creative and try different things to figure out what works best in terms of getting conversions.

4.    If you’re getting someone else to make the video for you, set your budget….. Our top tip is to be realistic – take a look at your requirements and account for any external costs such as equipment use, animation work and editing time. What will success look like, and therefore how will you get a return on investment? This can help you work out how much you want to spend.

5.    Wherever you’re posting the video, it’s important it stands out to get you the views. On somewhere like YouTube (the world’s second largest search engine after Google), the ‘thumbnail’ is vital as it’s this that will encourage people to stop scrolling and watch your video. We can help advise on this.

6.    Your video content marketing strategy is nothing without video SEO – make sure that its optimised with lots of lovely, searchable keyword so that it gets picked up easily via a Google search

7.    Maximise your reach and visibility by posting it on multiple platforms (your website, your social channels, your newsletter etc). You want as many people as possible to see it after all!

In a nutshell, your video content should inform, engage, or influence a decision. There is a lot to experiment with.

As always, we’ve got your back should you need any help with creating your company video in 2021.

If you’d like to have a chat with us about how we can help you to produce professional video content to communicate your messages and amplify your brand perception, please get in touch hello@allyandmo.com or +44 (0)1252 755118.