Gemserv – Cyber Threat Intelligence

The Brief

Gemserv provide consultative professional services support to businesses and public-sector organisations. They work across multiple sectors but one of the most popular ones currently is Cyber Security.

They work with several external industry experts, one of who is Nina Schick. In order to give existing and potential clients a better understanding of the current cyber-security landscape, they wanted to create a video in which Nina talks about potential threats and how these can be mitigated.

The Solution

There was limited time available with Nina, but Gemserv wanted the delivery of the video to be informal, and in the format of a discussion with their Cyber Security Partner, Ian Hirst.  We set up the discussion in their London office to give a branded background but a controllable environment.

We let the interview run through in full, shooting on 3 cameras (2 manned, one on a motorised slider).

The Outcome

The interview left us with a huge amount of really strong content, but a need to get a final video down as close to 5 minutes as possible. Through various rounds of amendments and trimming we brought the total down and delivered a final film that hit the client’s requirements.

We used question cards to set up each section and help cut the time further, and additionally provided excerpts for use on social media.

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