Jackloc Animations

The Brief

Jackloc are a British company who produce window restrictors. The majority of their business comes from sales to retailers – both in the UK and overseas – who n turn then distribute to clients. They also work a lot with accommodation providers such as hotel chains and housing associations.

Jackloc wanted an engaging and simple way in which they can explain to both consumers and distributors what are theĀ  stand-out features of their products which elevates them above their competition. They had already decided they wanted to do this using 2D animation.

The Solution

Our first job was to clearly understand what the messaged that needed to be conveyed were. We then worked with Jackloc to decide each of these key messages wold be a short standalone animation, plus one ‘summary’ one. This would then give them a suite of assets to use depending on the platform, environment or situation.

Having agreed on the topics and messages for these, our copywriter then wen to work creating scripts for each film. These gave details of both the on-screen copy (we decided this would be better than voiceover for these) and the description of the scene we would use to tell the story for each film.

While working on the script, we also presented 3 different design options to the client. From these, one was selected and refined further so we then had a design template t implement once the scripts were finalised.

The job next was to turn the script and design into sets of static storyboards, so Jackloc could see how each film would progress. There were a lot of changes at this stage, both in terms of the design and the narrative, but we were able to ensure the messages were not lost and Jackloc were 100% satisfied with the stories we would tell and the way they would be illustrated.

The final stage was to animate the films and create the ‘Summary’ film. There were various rounds of amendments on the animation but having done such detailed planning at the storyboard stage, these were not too onerous, and were more tweaks to timings and copy. The client then told us which messages and sections they wanted for the summary, and this was puled together for them.

The Outcome

The final 6 films were shared across web, social and LinkedIn. They were also added to Jackloc’s sales team’s presentation tools for meeting new clients, and gave a clear, concise and engaging asset to tell the story of their products and the benefits to prospective new clients.

The full collection of final films can be viewed here

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