Journeo – Airport Passenger Management Animation

The Brief

Journeo provide systems and equipment across all forms of transport that help improve the passenger experience at airports, and enable the airports themselves to know exactly what’s going on at any time. From display screens, wifi and CCTV cameras on buses, to passenger movement tracking system, they help both the end user and the transport/location operator get people from A to B in as enjoyable and efficient a manner as possible.

For Passenger Terminal Expo 2022 Journeo required an animated film which would illustrate all of the points in a passenger journey (from car park to aeroplane take-off) at which their products can improve the experience. It needed to be turned around in 3 weeks to be ready for the expo. Because of the busy and noisy environment at an expo, the film needed to work as well mute as it did with audio.

The Solution

This film required a fast turnaround, so having understood the key messages we set to work with design options, a written storyboard, and then quickly in to static illustrations.

Through simple 2D animation based on existing brand assets and styling, we created an animated airport environment. We saw passengers arrive at different points, and the film then tracked them through their journey right through to the departure on a plane.

The film illustrated the way Journeo’s products and services both improved the passenger experience, as well as allowed an airport operator to get closer to their required SLAs through the monitoring that Journeo provides.

The Outcome

This film not only delivered what the client required for their short-term need, but is currently the most-viewed video on their YouTube channel as well.

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