Surrey Oaks – Animations

The Brief

Surrey Oaks Wealth and Financial Planning are a previous client of ours.

As part of the communication they do before working with new clients, they wanted two animated films to explain:

  1. Who they are, what they do, who they can help and how they do it.
  2. The difference between restricted and independent advisors and the benefit of them.

Animated films would enable them to create appropriate avatars to gently illustrated the points they wanted to get across, and easily allow potential clients to understand the benefits to them.

The Solution

We have a tried and tested method for animation creation and we applied it to this project.

  1. We had multiple conversations with the client to understand
    1. Who they are talking to?
    2. What are the key messages?
    3. What the potential objections are and how we overcome them.
    4. Who their competitors are.
    5. What action/opinion change they want to occur as a result of watching the videos.
  2. We then work with our experienced copywriters to create a written storyboard and voiceover script. We refined this with the client’s input to a point they are happy with.
  3. We present different voiceover options and once the client has selected their preferred route, have this recorded, and make amendments as required.
  4. In this instance, the client had the static design work done as per the written storyboards we provided.
  5. We proposed music track options for the client to review and decide upon.
  6. Once all of the aboveĀ  is finalised, our animator then pulled everything together.
  7. Final tweaks as amendments were made as requested by the client, and to ensure the animation fits with the voiceover pace.

From the first conversation about our initial brief to seeing the finished article, working with ally & mo media was an absolute pleasure and we are delighted with the outcome. If you are considering how video can help promote your business I urge you to get in contact with Rob.

Joel Arif, Owner, Surrey Oaks Wealth Management (Part of The St James's Place Partnership)

The Outcome

We delivered the two final films for the client as requested. In addition we producedĀ  cut-down version of one of them for specific use cases.

Feedback from the client is that already these films have helped streamline their communications with potential clients.

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