Surrey Oaks Wealth Management

The Brief

Part of the St James’ Place Partnership, Surrey Oaks Wealth Management is a family-run investment consultancy.  Specialising in investments for business owners and higher tax band individuals, they provide a long-term approach to all of the solutions they offer.

The business’ owner – Joel Arif – is a Chartered Financial Planner with 15+ years experience, while still having 20+ years of his career ahead of him, meaning clients who work with him know he’s going to be able to take a long-term view to their portfolios.

They operate from a high street premises in the Surrey village of Grayshott and always welcome walk-in clients.

They wanted a promotional film for their businesses which highlights the benefits of their individual business, as well as their being part of St James’ Place.

The Solution

Filmed in one 10 hour day, we based our film around interviews with Joel and his sister Kate, Surrey Oaks’ Practice Manager.  This highlighted the family nature of the business and allowed them to talk through their messaging about the business as a whole, their experience, the services they offer, what differentiates them and what kind of clients they work with. 

This was supplemented by an interview with one of their long-standing clients, who – apart from being the best interview subject we’ve ever worked with – gave a genuine and experience-based portrayal of Surrey Oaks and how they have helped him.

From the first conversation about our initial brief to seeing the finished article, working with ally & mo media was an absolute pleasure and we are delighted with the outcome. If you are considering how video can help promote your business I urge you to get in contact with Rob.

Joel Arif, Owner, Surrey Oaks Wealth Management (Part of The St James's Place Partnership)

The Outcome

We delivered a sophisticated but laid-back film, with an accompanying music track to support this desired tone. The film was led by Joel as the main spokesperson for Surrey Oaks, but the soundbites we took from Kate, and their case study client helped to reinforce the desired messages, as well as subtly overcome the possible objections anyone considering using Surrey Oaks may have.

The intention originally had been to deliver a film of around 3 minutes but the content was so strong that this ended up running to 5 minutes. The end product helped to elevate the perception of Surrey Oaks and the services they provide.

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