Trenches Law

The Brief

Our client was Trenches Law, a legal firm specialising in the telecommunications industry, and with particular expertise in the administration of the ‘wayleave’ process. This is the gathering of permissions from landowners for the installation of telecommunications infrastructure.

Having rapidly grown since their inception, Trenches had created a new service for their clients, which automates the previously labour-intensive wayleave process. As part of the launch of this service, they wanted a promotional film which talked in general terms about them and their business, while at the same time honing in on this new automated solution.

The Solution

Just a week after our first conversation on the project, we managed to film all of the content needed in a half-day at Trenches’ idyllic countryside office.

We wanted to tell the story of what makes Trenches different to others in their industry and we did this by bringing out the personalities of those running the business, and the manner in which they approach their work and their clients. We wanted to add credibility to what they do by touching on their backgrounds and what led them to establish the company and then moved on to give details on their new service being launched, as well as what was in store for them in the future.

Having worked with Rob and the team at Ally & Mo Media, I've been totally impressed by their commitment in meeting our tight deadlines, understanding what we wanted to get across during the film and making everyone relaxed during the day. The end product is something that I'm really proud of and I can't wait to share it with everyone :-). I can't wait to work with the team again and if you have a film project - large or small - I suggest you get in contact with Ally & Mo straight away!

Anna Hagglund, Marketing Specialist, Trenches Law

The Outcome

Two weeks after the first conversation we delivered the final edit, we produced a 3 ½ minute film that told the story intended, communicated all the key messages and highlighted their new automated wayleave service.

The tone and pace of the film helped connote the approachable but experienced nature of the way Trenches conduct their business and the music choice supported this. The client was so pleased with the outcome that we additionally produced 6 cut-down versions of the final film for them to share as supplementary content.

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