COVID Doesn’t Mean No-Vid

Thursday April 16, 2020

In these testing and unprecedented times we’re all working in, it seems now more than ever that people are realising the power of video.

But just because location shoots are off-limits during lockdown, this doesn’t mean you can’t have professionally produced video content.

If a picture tells a thousand words, then 1 minute of video tells 1.5m words (in the UK there are generally 25 ‘pictures’ in 1 second of video so you do the maths).

More and more people are turning to video as their primary method of communication, replacing almost all personal interaction that takes place at the moment.  In the majority, this is through self-shot ‘vlogs’ or through video calls. But just because we can’t really get out and shoot new material, it doesn’t mean the use of video to communicate your message should be out on hold.

But how do I do it?

Animation and stock footage (well, and self-shot content as the likes of Barclays have done very well recently).

Using Shutterstock as an example, they have over 12m clips to choose from and over 115k new clips are added weekly (or they were being!)

The majority of animators are very happy to work in total isolation and the potential output through animation is endless.

So through well thought out and planned messaging and scripting, skilfully edited with appropriate music and graphics, you can still use video to get your message across.

At a time when a lot of companies have stopped putting out new professional video content, doing so can really make you cut through the noise that exists elsewhere.

We have relationships with over 40 different animators, all specialising in different styles, and have relationships with all the main footage libraries.

If you’d like to have a chat with us about how we can help you continue to produce professional video content to communicate your messages and improve your brand perception, please get in touch or +44 (0)1252 755118.