There are many types of corporate videos, ranging from company promos to testimonials, animated explainer videos, internal communication films – and everything between.

The cost of these can vary enormously, but to give you an idea, a simple corporate video shot in 1-2 days should cost between £3k and £6k. The most common factors that will affect this are how long it takes to film and how much animation is required. Have a look at our useful guide below will give you an indication of how much the production of corporate videos might cost.

Our guide to video costs

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Basic £3k - £5k
Standard £5k - £10k
Premium £10k - £35k+
Basic £4k - £7k
Standard £7k - £15k
Premium 15k - £50k+
Basic £2k - £3k
Standard £3k - £5k
Premium £5k - £15k+
Basic £500 - £2k
Standard £2k - £4k
Premium £4k - £10k+
Basic £1k - £5k
Standard £5k - £25k
Premium £25k - £150k+
Basic £1k - £2k
Standard £2k - £5k
Premium £5k - £10k+
Basic £300 - £1500
Standard £1500 - £3k
Premium £3k - £10k+

We believe we offer a great value solution for the production of corporate video content. We’re far from being the most expensive, but we know we’re not the cheapest. Find out more about agencies or producers that might be right for you and your requirements.


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Rob and the team fully understood what was needed to create a short marketing video of one of our events. They came up with the idea to produce a reportage style video and delivered way beyond our expectations. The levels of creativity and professionalism were incredible and on the night we didn't even notice the cameraman was there. We also loved the double whammy of video and stills being produced in one session, by one guy! We have had so many positive comments and are very happy to recommend Ally & Mo Media to all who will listen!

Dan Campling, Co-Founder, LinkedIn Local Hart

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