Make good video yourself during Coronavirus outbreak

Thursday April 2, 2020

Can you create professional-looking video content during COVID-19 outbreak? Of course, you can, you just need to know how!

These are challenging times for all businesses. When it comes to producing video, just because you can’t have new content professionally shot and produced, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be releasing content.

79% of adults in the UK own a smartphone, so that means almost all of us have our very own video camera in our pockets, and with simple editing solutions such as iMovie or Camtasia, we all have the ability to produce personal authentic messages we can put out.

Professional marketing and brand films can still also be made using animation, stock footage and voiceover, but here are some simple steps you can take to ensure anything you shoot yourself looks as professional as possible:

  • Prepare. Think about what you want to say and read through it several times. You can even have notes in your hand if it helps, but try and avoid speaking while looking down.  Take a pause – look down at your notes – look up again and continue speaking.
  • Lighting. If recording during the day, try and ensure there’s more light behind the camera than behind your head.  This will avoid your face looking dark. Maybe avoid direct sunlight in your face though as you should never wear sunglasses for videos like this, and you don’t want to be squinting. If you’re recording in a darker room or at night, try and use two different lights, each at 45-degree angles in front of you as this will light your face and reduce shadows from the phone.
  • Audio. Try and ensure there’s no background noise, and even consider buying an external microphone.  The cameras on phones are very good, but the microphones are not. If at all possible, try and conceal the microphone if you’re using a clip-on lapel mic.
  • Be Stable. Use a tripod or some kind of gimbal to keep the camera as still and smooth as possible.  You don’t want to make people feel dizzy when watching you!
  • Editing. There are some really simple editing solutions available, such as iMovie, or Camtasia. These will really easily allow you to add a logo, amend the audio levels, add music and trim out the ‘umms’ and ‘aahs’. Overall it will give your video a far more professional feel.

If anyone wants any help or advice on how to do these videos themselves, please do get in touch and we’d be happy to arrange a free 30-minute consultation.