Product Explainer Video Costs

Friday December 4, 2020

Well-produced, simple product explainer films or videos can help build trust in any potential purchaser of your goods or services. They can be what makes the difference between them purchasing from you and one of your competitors.

They also act as a strong after sales tool to provide additional service to existing customers.

But how much does it cost to make such a video? As with all videos, costs for these can vary from project to project, and can depend on how complex the product is, how you want them film to be presented (animation, live action etc.)

What we do on this page is give you some approximate guidance on what such films may cost.

Basic (£1k – £2k)

  • 30 – 90 seconds
  • Created using still images and on-screen copy.
  • May include simple voiceover towards the top end of this price range.
  • Scripts provided by you.
  • Animated brand logo.
  • Music.
  • Budget stock footage, if needed.

Standard (£2k – £5k)

  • As per Basic plus:
  • 60 – 180 seconds
  • Bespoke filming
  • 1 camera including operator and simple kit – tripod, slider, gimbal etc.
  • Simple lighting set-up.
  • 1-3 days filming
  • Subtitles in original language
  • May feature a small amount of simple 2D character animation
  • Voiceover

Premium (£5k – £10k+)

  • As per Standard plus:
  • Likely to include multiple different films
  • More scope for animation
  • Additional cut-down versions.
  • Additional translated and sub-titled versions.
  • More sophisticated filming if needed – tracks, jibs etc.
  • Drone filming.
  • International travel

Factors likely to increase the cost of a Product Explainer Video

  • More animation
  • More time spent filming.
  • Vague brief
  • More than one filming location
  • Travel

Factors likely to decrease the cost of a Product Explainer Video

  • If you have scripts written already
  • A specific Brief.
  • If you have existing assets we can work with – high quality still images, layered artwork vector files or even existing video footage.
  • The more Product Explainer Videos you commission at once, the cheaper the cost per film will be.

Here are some examples of product explainer videos we’ve produced: