Are Animated Videos Right for Your Business?

Tuesday December 8, 2020

First things first.

Why should you as a business be using animation?

From reading the statistics, we all know that video is better received than text on a screen but have you ever given consideration to what kind of video you want to create?

Some companies think that ‘live action’ videos are more professional, and we agree, they can be, but it really depends on the message you’re trying to send across, and who to.

Animation videos are brilliant because, 1) they can be moulded to communicate the exact message/s you want to get across and 2) can be used in a multitude of ways to benefit your business across various platforms.

Let’s talk about how…

  • Animations can be used on landing pages/your home page as an explainer about what you do, your services and how people can get in touch with you.
  • It can also be a promotional video that advertises your product and encourages social shares, or asks your customer to sign up to something.
  • If you’ve got loads of statistics to put into your message then an infographic video is a great approach!
  • Alternatively you could use a character to relate to your audience, by presenting the problem and offering your product as the solution.

And, how they will benefit YOUR business…..

  • You don’t have to do the hard sell.
  • Animated videos are more engaging.
  • There are NO limits on creativity (bar duration…so that we can keep your customer glued to the screen).
  • Illustrations can take a 1000 words and simplify any message into just a few minutes
  • Using animated text or characters in your video is easy on the eye and captures attention.
  • Animated testimonial videos really help to show your customers authentic voice and bring to life how you really helped to solve their problem. These can also be great if a customer is not comfortable on camera – we add their audio to an animated avatar.
  • They can help to differentiate YOU as a brand.

Even the best of products and services can fail if they’re not marketed correctly, so why not get ready for 2021 with a stunning new animation creation to really stand out from the crowd.

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