Get Ahead VA Animations

The Brief

Get Ahead VA are a network of virtual agencies. They work on a franchise model with each of their franchisees acting as Regional Directors and running their own businesses, but with the support of the network behind them.

The parent company wanted to produce two animated films – one to promote their virtual agency services to potential clients, and one to explain their franchise opportunities to potential franchisees.

These films needed to be engaging, succinct and communicate the key messages which differentiate them from their competitors, both as a VA network, and as franchisors.  The tone – of course – needed to be consistent with their business as a whole – approachable, friendly, professional, reliable, trust-worthy.

The Solution

We understand that business owners have very little time available, and as such we wanted to ensure we took the stress and time-consuming elements of this project away from our client. We ensured we got a clear understanding of what the messaging of these animations needed to be, and how they should be presented.  We were also  given a large amount of material to go through to help us understand the Get Ahead brand and what potential clients and licensees would find appealing about working with them.

We then began by having one of our experienced copywriters create a written storyboard; a script for a voiceover and a description of the scenes the animated films would progress through.  This storyboard was refined to a point where the client was happy to progress on to the design phase.

At this stage, we presented different options for the design of the characters to feature in the animations which we believed would be consistent with the desired tone and audience. The client picked which they liked and we refined this further, plus produced secondary characters and environments to go into the animation. Once the overall style of these was agreed, we then produced a full static storyboard detailing each of the scenes to go with the script.

Further refining was done of the storyboards before then going into the fun part – the animation. Here we also added music (selected from a range offered) and voiceover.

Even in the animation, we tweaked further as required by the client until we were at a point where they were totally satisfied with the result.  Finally, we produced the additional subtitled versions for them.

The Outcome

The final films hit every requirement the client had for them. They now take pride-of-place on their website and are used as business development tools for both sides of the business.  IN fact, the films were so well-received, we’ve also been working with Get Ahead to refine their YouTube presence and optimise it for lead generation.

If you think your business could benefit from animated videos, get in touch for a chat about how we might be able to ensure it’s a stress-free and successful process for you.

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