MetaMark Vehicle Wraps/Maxx Design

The Brief

Working in partnership with design agency, Maxx Design, we created this video as part of a launch project for one of their key clients. As part of their offering, they wanted a high-end video to profile the key features of the product to be used initially as an internal tool, but ultimately to exist on customer-facing platforms. The product is a vinyl wrap, primarily used for wrapping vehicles with stunning results!

The Solution

We wanted to aim high and deliver a film that far exceeded expectations. We wanted the product and brand to be presented in a ‘cool’ and engaging manner while profiling the key features that will appeal to the B2B clients likely to purchase. 

We started by looking at the way vehicles are presented in high-end and creative productions – commercials, music videos and car promos. We looked at how they were lit and shot and held these up as our creative goal. 

We next brought in a Director of Photography with significant experience in working with cars, and in feature films, commercials and music videos. He brought ideas and creativity of his own which we combined with the client’s key objectives. 

One key element was the vehicle that was used for the product demo that would form the backbone of our film – the client wanted to use a white Audi A5 Sportback which we felt wouldn’t have the impact we needed. We sourced a Mercedes AMG GT instead which we believed would set a better tone for the film. 

For the location, we wanted to be able to fully control the lighting so we were able to find a warehouse (next to the Top Gear filming studio and track) which had a full-height door for getting the car in, and in which we could cut out all natural daylight, allowing full control of the lighting.

We hired lighting and kit specifically for the shoot to get the cinematic feel we required and shot all the necessary footage within 1 day. 

One of the key elements that dictates the tone of a film is the music. We proposed 10+ tracks to the client that we believed would give us the pace and tone we needed.  These choices were refined further using ideas the client themselves had before we agreed on our final choice.

For the graphics, we wanted to ensure these maintained the pace and tone of the film, and that they fitted the client’s overall style. We sent 5+ options to our client, who shared them and refined them with the end client before we arrived on the chosen ones, which were refined further once the first edits were put together. 

In order to expedite the edit, we created proxy (smaller) files for the editor to work with and these were sent the night of the shoot, meaning work could start on compiling the film the following day. We returned the first edit to the client within 3 working days.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Ally & Mo Media on our video project. They had great ideas, was extremely organised and the filming and edit went without a hitch. The end result was fabulous!

Jackie Blaker, Director, Maxx Design

The Outcome

We delivered a film which far exceeded our client – and consequently their client’s – highest expectations. Feedback not only from their Marketing team but also their sales team (who were the first to see it) was that it was the best promotional film their company had ever had produced. We also delivered multiple cut-down versions for the client to use across different social channels at different times.

Most importantly, we helped our client further cement their reputation with their client as an integral part of their marketing and communications team and all within a very tight deadline of 20 days!

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