What Video Content Can I Shoot Myself?

Thursday August 5, 2021

With more and more video content being used on professional platforms like Linkedin, we are always getting told “I know I need to post more videos myself, but I can’t think what they should be about.”

What you don’t realise is how much content and knowledge you have in your business that is really interesting to others and can be shared through video! You take what you do day to day for granted. The decisions you make, the contacts you have, the answers you know – they’re all second nature. And because of this you assume that everyone knows the same as you – but they don’t.

Imagine you were new to your industry. What kind of things would you want to know? What experience would you be wanting to hear about? Write everything down into a list and bingo, there’s your first set of ideas for what to talk about.

Next, write down everything you ever get asked by prospects, or clients about your business, and also about your industry. That should give you a content list that you can theme into 6-12 months.

And finally, are there ways you can physically demonstrate your product or service? If so, these need to form part of your video content plan.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Intro videos. It can be about your business, you, or an employee but seeing a face, a smile and getting to know a little about that person adds personality and starts to build trust.

  • Product unboxing or ‘What’s In The Box?’. These have become popular on social platforms with influencers often doing them for brands, but this is not to say you can’t do them yourself. They can be a simple illustration of what someone gets when buying a product from you. Or allow you to showcase the features of a new product that’s just come in – or even show the colour range that it’s available in.
  • Internal comms. Got a message you want to tell your staff but can’t do it face to face, or want to give them a Friday treat that’s a bit different? Why not record a video?
  • Tutorials, or ‘How To’ videos. These are incredibly popular and businesses that offer these genearate a huge amount of trust from their customers.  Show how to use your product or service for new clients, or show existing clients some new features that you have. Walk them through step by step how to achieve something themselves and what this will give them – will it save their time, be useful by creating them a template etc.
  • Site or office tours. It can be as simple as a quick look around your office or factory, to a practical demonstration of how to get to your office, where to park etc.
  • FAQ’s. A lot of  companies have them on their website, but why not do each one as a video?
  • Website tours. Show people what can be done on your site and give them a tour of how to do it.

Thought leadership ‘piece to camera’. ‘But what about?’ I hear you ask – here are 10 suggestions.What do you think of a new piece of legislation or research that affects your industry:

  1. What does a certain topic mean (think of the top questions that you often get asked) – share what it means, what to look for, how to measure it etc. Awareness days can be a good content provider for these too. Really, you could do one a month of these if you spend 30 mins mapping out what you know
  2. Reviews of software/companies/services often used in your industry.
  3. 3 things you wish you’d been told when you started in your industry.
  4. Advice you would give to 25 year old you.
  5. How to get in to your industry.
  6. Your review of a trade event
  7. Your experience in growing a business – what worked and what didn’t
  8. What methods you went through to launch a new product or service – what mishaps you had and what you learnt
  9. What you’ve learnt from a case study in a specific industry – did you do something out of the norm for a client that will help others?
  10. Get opinions from someone slightly removed from what you’re doing day to day and find out what is interesting to them. It could be a friend or a third party company you work with. It can help if they know a little about what you do, but it’s not vital.

We hope these thoughts help. If you have finished reading this and want to have a chat through some ideas, we’re always happy to help so please get in touch and we’ll stick the kettle on!




Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash