Quantum Motion – Suite of Company Promos

The Brief

Quantum Motion are a group of very clever scientists and business people with a clear goal – to build the world’s fastest computer, and to make quantum computing available to all.

They have great funding and are run by a small team of scientists connected to Oxford University and UCL, and they bring together some of the world’s most talented PhD students to support them. They have recently opened a laboratory in London (the first in the UK outside of an academic or ‘Big Tech Company’ premises) and wanted to produce a series of films which talk about different aspects of them, their staff, what they’re doing and why it’s soo important.

The Solution

We were able to film on a day on which press calls had been organised so we needed to be agile and flexible. We set up an interview location that could simply be moved in and out as we needed to, and which took advantage of the beautiful appearance of the quantum computer that Quantum Motion have built.

For several of the interviewees, English was not their first language and they were not used to being interviewed so we did all we could to make the environment as paid-back and relaxed as possible.

In gaps between interview availability we moved around capturing the required B Roll to support all interviews and make the output more engaging.

The Outcome

One the footage had been captured and the first draft of the edits delivered, the Brief was amended slightly so a different suite of films were required. We re-cut the footage in accordance with the amended Brief and were still able to deliver films which each individually addressed different messages that needed to be communicated, namely:

  • The Quantum Motion Vision
  • What is it Like Working in Quantum Computing?
  • Why Build Quantum Computers From Silicon?
  • Meet the Inter-Disciplinary Team
  • What is Quantum Computing?

The above were then amended as per the client’s requests and all 5 delivered for use across their website and social profiles.

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