Razor Secure – Cyber Security

The Brief

Razor Secure provide cyber-security solutions to the rail industry globally. They wanted to create an updated company promo that would introduce potential new clients to who they are, what they do and what makes them unique, as well as produce at least 1 Case Study that profiled the work they’d done with a major rail operator.

They wanted the films to subtly highlight what sets them apart from their competitors, and whey they’re the #1 experts in their field.

The Solution

We can by getting under the skin of their business and the solution they provide – who can they help, how and what makes them better than their competitors. We need to understand what the ‘point’ of the videos are in order to ensure the content leads them in this direction.

We spent 2 days filming with them – one at their office, and the second with their client (Northern Rail). On both days we filmed multiple two-camera interviews in varied settings, maximising the volume of content they got for their budget. We also filmed significant amounts of cinematic B Roll to add quality, depth and detail to their final films. This was combined with existing library B roll that both Razor Secure and Northern were able to give us access to.

All of this was then wrapped up in a suite of engaging videos, simplifying their messaging and using on-brand graphics to ensure a professional and consistent styling to the final products.

The Outcome

We produced one ‘main’ film and one Case Study, plus 6 extracts for use on social media. These now reside on the client’s website and YouTube, and are comfortably the most viewed non-webinar videos on their YouTube channel.

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