Event Video Costs

Friday December 4, 2020

Capturing a video of your event or party can be a great way to not only commemorate and remember the event, but can help to promote similar future events.  It can also be useful to give those that were not able to attend an overview of what happened (and what they missed!)

In terms of costs, the main one is thinking about how many cameras are going to be needed.  An event will usually only take place once, so if multiple things are occurring at the same time which you want included in the film, we will need to have multiple cameras and operators capturing this content for you.

An additional consideration is audio. Will people be presenting on stage, and do you want to capture some of what they are saying? Do you want people interviewed, and if so, where can this be done somewhere without too much background noise?

Here are some indicative costs associated with different types of event films:

Basic (£500 – £2k)

Likely to include some of the following:

  • Edit of 30 – 120 seconds.
  • Single camera and operator
  • Additional kit to film ‘on the fly’ – gimbal, tripod, monopod, simple lighting set-up etc.
  • 1-2 hour event
  • Atmospheric audio only – no specific audio (e.g. interviews).
  • Very simple graphics.
  • Music.

Standard (£2k – £4k)

As per Basic plus some of the following:

  • Edit of 60 – 180 seconds.
  • 1-2 cutdown versions.
  • Subtitles in original language.
  • 2 hour – full day event
  • 2-3 cameras plus operators.
  • Potentially additional crew (runner, camera assistant etc.)
  • Additional kit hire
  • Filming of specific audio (interviews etc.)
  • Graphics – animated logo, name ‘lower thirds’ and potentially very simple 2D animations.
  • Basic colour grading.
  • Basic audio mixing.

Premium (£4k – £10k+)

As per Standard plus some of the following:

  • Multiple-day events.
  • Multiple locations.
  • Additional crew – camera operators, assistants, director, sound recordist etc.
  • Additional kit – tracks, jib, dollies, specific camera rigs.
  • Drone filming.
  • International travel
  • More complex graphics or animation.
  • Hair and makeup

What is likely to push the cost of an Event Film up?

  • Drone filming – we only use experienced drone cameramen, not simply drone operators.
  • The need to cover multiple things simultaneously – needs multiple camera operators.
  • Additional crew
  • Lack of control over filming environment.
  • Needing to record audio.
  • More complex graphics or animation.
  • A vague brief
  • Additional travel time
  • Using commercial music tracks.
  • More amendments.

What is likely to push the cost of an Event Film down?

  • Shorter filming time.
  • Specific Brief – specific requirements on exactly what is to be captures and included.
  • Freedom to move around the event.
  • No filming of audio needed.
  • Less amendments.
  • The more films you commit to producing, the lower the cost per film will be.

Here are examples of previous event films we’ve produced: