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Friday April 24, 2020

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world – and the second most popular search engine, so why not use that reach to help generate leads?

So many more people are now creating video content themselves, but for B2B services, this is often then put on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. As you build up more and more content, why not set up a YouTube channel and make it work harder for you?

Here are some tips on what you can do to try and help attract as many viewers as possible to that content, and in turn bring in more leads:

  1. Ensure your channel logo is representative of your brand.
  2. Add a description of your company or channel.
  3. Ensure tags are added to your channel which will help you get discovered. If the subjects of your videos touch on some topical and popular subjects, be sure to tag them. Some tags will be specific and some can be very generic and all-encompassing.
  4. Upload bespoke thumbnails for each video (not a keyframe from the video, ideally) which clearly state the content of the video. Avoid red text in the thumbnails as apparently YouTube’s algorithms don’t like this.
  5. Ensure any key links or messages are placed in the first 2 lines of the video description. This makes them more likely to be read.
  6. When tagging a video, have a set of 10-15 more generic tags you use for all of your videos and then add bespoke ones after this. You can add a set of default tags through your channel settings so these will be automatically added to every video you upload.
  7. If you are uploading multiple videos, add end cards.
  8. Create playlists. If YouTube sees a viewer go from watching one of your video to another of your videos, it notices this and then serves your videos after other third party videos.
  9. Find other successful channels that do what you do and copy their channel and video tags! VidIQ is a free YouTube certified Chrome (and other browsers) extension which allows you to look ‘behind the scenes’ on other videos and channels and see the metadata they have put in.
  10. For endscreens, you want them but keep them short.You want to give people the option, but you also want them to roll onto the next video through autoplay (because that video should be yours).

The above should get you started but if anyone wants to get in touch for any free advice on how to create engaging content for your business, please get in touch. hello@allyandmo.com or 01252 755118

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