8 Reasons to out-source video production

Friday September 30, 2022

We’re bound to say this, but hear us out!
Video production is a complex and time-consuming process, and it’s one that is best left to those that know their way around it.

Here are eight reasons why we don’t think you should try to produce videos in-house:
1. You’ll be hard-pushed to get the same quality as a professional video production company.
2. It can be extremely time/resource-consuming to produce high-quality videos in-house.
3. You’ll need to invest in expensive video equipment and software to do it properly.
4. You’ll need to hire the right crew for specialist roles.
5. You’ll need to script, storyboard, and shoot your video – do your existing staff have that skillset?
6. You may not have the legal rights to use the music and footage you want to use which can get you in all sorts of trouble!
7. What happens if you do it badly? Potential clients will judge you on the quality of everything you put out – do video well, or don’t do it at all.
8. It’s just not worth the hassle!

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