Let’s Be Honest…

Thursday March 19, 2020

We’re fairly limited in what we can and cannot do at the moment, but seeing as we can all still be honest, I thought I’d start there.

Here are a few of my current honest thoughts:

  1. I’m concerned about what is going to happen, but mainly because I like structure and knowing things can change so dramatically from one day to the next is far from ideal.
  2. I feel almost guilty saying I know this is not going to hit me as badly as most people. I started my company last year and have had some success so far, but I have not committed to large overheads and staff that I am bound to. Others have and I feel for them more than for myself.
  3. The work I do have going on has understandably slowed.
  4. I am posting more frequently on LinkedIn to increase my network, and ultimately generate more interest in what my business does – make decent videos at affordable rates.
  5. ‘Virtual Networking’ – I thought it wouldn’t work and would be awkward, but my two experiences of it so far have been reassuringly good.
  6. Following on from 5. – Is there a business in providing professionally hosted, formatted, scheduled and managed conferences and seminars for corporate clients wanting to replace their usual large scale gatherings? I know the likes of Zoom already provide an excellent interface and platform for this, but is there an appetite for a company (us) to deliver this at a higher level – personality host/key note, facilitated discussions, workshops etc?

And that’s it. I felt I just wanted to write these comments down and encourage more people to be honest – whether it’s mental health, commercial success (or lack of it) or any other thing you have going on, there’s no harm in being honest. If you aren’t, then people can’t come together and support each other, and now’s the time we should be doing that more than ever.