Social Media Video Costs

Friday December 4, 2020

As video has become more and more part of everyday life, so as the use of it on social media platforms.  The fact everyone now carries a high-quality video camera around in their pocket in the form of a smartphone also helps.

In terms of costs, it really depends who you are, who you’re talking to, what you want to achieve, and what it might take to get a return on investment.

Quite honestly, social platforms are the place where low-cost (like £0) videos can be perfectly acceptable. Viewers want authenticity, and self-shot single-take videos often produce this best. Sometimes you may just go to a professional to help with the bits that take you too long, like editing, graphics or sound mixing.

The following gives you an idea of what some different options might cost. We can also support this type of regular content through monthly retainers.

Get in touch with us to receive a tailored quote for you.

Basic (£300 – £1500)

Would include some of the following:

  • Script-writing
  • Filming guidance notes if you film the content yourself.
  • Animated logos
  • Music
  • Editing
  • Basic graphics – animated logos and name ‘lower thirds’.
  • 1-5 different videos (depending on length, content provided to us etc.)
  • Subtitles in original language.
  • One round of amendments

NOTE: unlikely to include any filming by us for this price range.

Standard (£1500 – £3k)

Would include some of the following:

As per Basic plus:

  • Up to ½ day professional filming including associated kit and crew.
  • Filming of interview and simple supplementary material with which to edit (B roll)
  • Small amount of additional animation or graphics.
  • Multiple versions of each film.
  • Relatively low-budget stock footage if needed.
  • Delivery in different aspect ratios (screen sizes) to suit different platforms.
  • Translations into 2-3 different languages and subtitles in those languages.
  • Two rounds of amendments.
  • Basic colour grading
  • Basic audio mixing

Premium (£3k – £10k+)

Would include some of the following:

As per Standard plus:

  • Multiple days filming.
  • Multiple cameras
  • Additional crew as needed
  • Studio/location hire
  • Set design and/or props
  • Drone filming
  • Additional filming kit – sliders, gimbals/Steadicams, lights etc.
  • Autocue
  • Hair and makeup
  • Copywriter
  • Models/actors
  • Professional voiceover, if needed.
  • Multiple locations
  • Premium stock footage if needed.
  • More detailed animation or graphics.
  • Translation in to more languages.
  • Additional versions produced for different audiences and platforms.
  • 3 rounds of amendments
  • More complex colour grading
  • More complex audio mixing

Things that will increase the cost of Social Media Videos

  • Us filming it instead of you.
  • Needing to find a location for filming.
  • Multiple locations.
  • Additional travel time.
  • Having limited time in which to film a large amount of content (increases the crew size).
  • Having limited access at a location.
  • Drone filming – we only use experienced drone cameramen, not simply drone operators.
  • Us needing to write scripts for you.
  • Using commercial music tracks.
  • Additional amendments.
  • More audio mixing or colour grading if footage is badly filmed
  • A vague brief.

Things that will decrease the cost of Social Media videos

  • If we only need to edit the videos for you (you film).
  • Less edit points.
  • A clear brief.
  • The more social media videos you commit to, the lower the cost per film will be.

Here are some examples of social media videos we have produced previously: