The Power of a Christmas Video

Friday December 15, 2023

We’ve been loving all the festive adverts coming out in the run up to Christmas. They’re always such an entertaining strategy for brands to show the personalities of their products and services in a creative and entertaining way. 

The John Lewis Christmas adverts, the classic example, aren’t about selling you any specific products but instead telling stories full of positive and uplifting messages about family and belonging, which helps give their brand a personality that people can identify with.  

The Apple Holiday Film is a little less subtle about what it’s selling, with one of the first shots having an iPhone front and centre (no mystery there!). But, since the stop motion segments were shot and edited on Apple products, the video also acts as a fun proof-of-concept for their newest devices.  

These adverts do a tremendous job at spreading positive messages helping us get into the Christmas spirit, as well as keeping their names in the public eye. Of course, a company as big as John Lewis doesn’t need these videos to sell panettone and flatscreen TVs, but chances are that these festive films are a big reason you remember their name every holiday season.  

You don’t need a huge budget to create a powerful Christmas message, as shown recently by the viral video made for Charlie’s Bar on a budget of only £700. The film is similar to those of John Lewis with its melancholy tone and hopeful themes, but made for a fraction of the cost! 

It’d be silly of us not to mention our own work too! We recently worked for Fellow Studio on their recent Travel Sentry Christmas campaign, which combines information about their products with some charming animations. 

If you want to find out what corporate video can do for your company, get in touch today! 

Header image: John Lewis Christmas Ad 2023

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