Top 5 things to look for when choosing a production company

Wednesday January 3, 2024

Behind every great video project is a great production company, and behind each company is an amazing group of talented creatives! But how can you make sure the production company you’re working with operates like a well-oiled machine? 

1. Ideas – are they coming to you with content ideas before you think of them?  

A great production company is more than an extra pair of hands and will offer their own ideas for how your project could look or will suggest creative solutions for how this project can be achieved. At the end of the day, it’s your project and your vision, but you can greatly benefit from hearing additional suggestions and advice from a team with experience making professional videos! 


2. The Team – can you see yourself enjoying working with them? 

Depending on the scale of the project, you could be working with the production company for several months, so you’re going to want to choose a team that you can see yourself working well with. Do they seem to know what they’re talking about? Do they seem interested and engaged? Do they seem personable? All good questions to ask before you commit yourself to working with them! 


3. Their network – setting expectations  

It’s unlikely that one production company will have all of the skills in-house to produce every element of every type of video. It’s important to set expectations for what aspects of the project they’ll be able to handle, so talk to them about options they have if you need a service that they can’t provide themselves. 


4. Transparency – do they seem trustworthy and professional? 

It’s important that you find a production company you can rely on to make your ideas a reality, so you’ll want to ensure they can create the quality you’re after. If you find a capable team who have experience and professionalism on their side, then you can ensure a smooth production process with less chance for error and avoid unrealistic suggestions of ‘We’ll fix it in post’.  


5. Quality of work – check their portfolio! 

If you’ve not worked with them before, can you see from their portfolio that they can produce results of the quality you require? The way the company describes themselves and their work may sound perfect, but their style and quality of videomaking may not suit your needs.  

Of course we think we tick all the boxes above rather nicely, so if you’re looking for a production company for your upcoming projects, get in touch today! 

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