What Makes a Good Corporate Video?

Monday March 15, 2021

So you know your company needs more video content, but how do you make sure it’s GOOD video content? Here are 5 questions from us on what to think about to start with:

What’s The Point?

Ultimately, what do you want someone to think or to do as a result of watching this video? Is it to improve their perception of your brand? To go on and buy your product? Watch more of your videos? Being clear on this from the get-go is a great starting point, and make sure you tell your chosen video producer this as soon as you can.

What’s The Story?

Man setting up to film conference room table

Too often people think that a single video MUST have a sales-related call to action in it. They think the sole purpose of a piece of video content is to generate a sale on its own. Yes, if you’re making  30 second TV commercial, this may well be the purpose of what you’re doing, but for the vast majority of video content marketing these days, it’s about telling a story. Tell a story well, and you create an emotional reaction in the viewer; create an emotional reaction and they are more likely to remember the video, and your brand; if they remember you, it makes it easier to sell to them when the appropriate time arises.

Are You Engaging?

Think about where the video is going to live, and what situation a potential viewer might be in when they come across it.  If it’s going to be on your website, chances are the viewer will have chosen to watch the video, so you have slightly longer to engage them.  If it’s going on to social, they may well be scrolling through their feed so you need the first two seconds to really jump out and draw that viewer in.

It’s not just the start that needs to be engaging though; if you want the overall reaction to your video to be a positive one, you need to keep the viewer engaged for as long as possible – ideally right until the end! This can be through the pace of the film, the music, the filming techniques and locations, editing style, graphics – a whole host of elements combine together to engage your viewer.

Are You Building Trust?

This can cover a variety of components, but we believe that any video you put out should be doing this. It could be telling people more about what you do, or your products; it could be telling them more about your staff and the roles they play. Whatever it is, always consider whether the content you are producing is authentic and genuine. If it is, it will be helping you to build trust.

So What?

This is always a good question when you get to the end of planning. Someone’s watched your video – so what? Has their opinion on your company or product changed? Have they learned something they didn’t know before? Do they trust you more? Are they more likely to buy from you? There must be a benefit to watching that piece of content – what is it? if you know this, then get started!

All of the above can go into your Brief you send to video producers. If you’re not sure how to put together  Brief, see our previous article here which includes a template you can download.

Good luck!